Sunday is a perfect day to revamp your wardrobe and i have for you 9 easy and stylish ways to do it without spend a fortune:
1. Breathe new life into a sweater and show off your figure by cinching the sweater with a thin belt.
2. Dress up a turtleneck with a thin ladylike necklace.
3. Take the normcore trend for a test drive by paring a puffy coat with a dress, clutch and pretty scarf.
4. When in doubt, tie a sweater around your waist.
5. Opt for those crazy patterned leggings instead of jeans next time.
6. Tie an ascot around your neck.
7. layer a denim button up under a cardigan.
8. Add a hat and necklace to an otherwise basic outfit.
9. Try a silk pajama like tops as a cardigan.

The photos below will give you a taste!

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